Rebecca Wilson – Journalist?

In the aftermath of this “Group Sex Scandal” (is that an official name? Perhaps we should rename it “Group Sexgate” to give it that Nixon feel) there has been one person that has been at the front of the chorus to have Matthew Johns’ head on a platter and pursuing a vast culture within Rugby League. That person is Rebecca Wilson. She has taken it upon herself to be the voice for women in Rugby League, claiming to have “dozens” or “500” emails (depending on what breakfast show you listen to) from women as equally as hysterical as she is claiming to claim that they will never watch another game of League again. Well it is certainly appropriate that they email her about messages of Doomsday proportions. In this blog I will outline the problems I have with Rebecca Wilson. I will try my hardest not to stoop to her level with sensationalist journalism because, even though I’m just a League loving bloke, I know the value of balanced reporting, and I am here restoring said balance.

Wilson began her loose association with journalism and Rugby League in Brisbane 25 years ago, and was met with some resistance from the players and fellow scribes who wanted the footy to be the domain of only people with a penis. The players exposed themselves to her among other pranks and tests of endurance. It was presumably here that the seeds were sown for her attitude 25 years down the track.

I first noticed her on the ABC sports show The Fat, I was a bit too short of attention to remember if she was as opinionated about League as she is now, but as around 3 years ago the League world was recovering from Super League, the evil entity in the League world where she was on the payroll, I suggest she would’ve kept it a bit more shut then she does now.

But enough of the past, onto the present. Since the group sex scandal broke out Wilson has been telling anyone who would listen that Matthew Johns should be stood down from all of his positions involving Rugby League. May have been a non-criminal consensual act 7 years ago, it has done the poor girl irreparable damage, she will never be the same again! And as the story about the girls attitudes post life-shattering moment have spread, surely a moment should’ve been taken to do a slight “we were slightly mislead” article? Nosiree, on Saturday, the article “A culture of cringe”, another attempt to leave Rugby League dead on the footpath.

I honestly don’t know where to begin. Let’s start with her Saturday opinion pieces. They are, for the most part, heavily biased against Rugby League with a clear agenda driven towards positive messages towards AFL. Only once in recent memory have I seen her donate an opinion piece to criticising the Australian Football League (an article regarding AFL expansion titled “It’s A Premier Sting”). There have been cursory mentions of players such as Nathan Bock and Albert Proud, but certainly none of them were mentioning that she thought those two should be banned for life for assaulting his girlfriend in a pub and allegedly glassing a woman in a Gold Coast nightclub respectively. Not a mention for those players to be banned, yet she’s all over Greg Bird for similar violence against women (“Rub Greg Bird out forever”). I agree with the sentiments in that case, I also think if an Aussie Rules player commits a serious criminal act, they should be recipient of equal condemnation. Yet ol Bec raises barely a peep on matters of primarily AFL-related scandal, but she gets on the high horse so quickly when it comes to NRL scandal I’m surprised the saddle doesn’t catch alight.

Although that’s probably because of her undying love for the Sydney Swans, her radio show often has her gushing about her Swannies, even recently found time to write a puff piece celebrating Swans player Brett Kirk (“Brett Kirk is a true great”). I’m sure, in the interest of journalistic integrity we can expect something similar from the NRL side of things, when a star that plays Rugby League hits 200 games? No, of course we can’t. I am of the opinion that someone so blatantly anti-Rugby Leagueand pro-Aussie Rules should not be allowed to write any sort of article on Rugby League at all. I have a strong suspicion a lot of people would agree, both male and female. Perhaps she should have a look at this site of AFL scandals, a resource thread lovingly compiled by some of the boys at the League Unlimited forums: http://forums.leagueunlimited.com/showthread.php?t=131608

Wilson leans strongly on the gender aspect of things; this scandal has brought about several mentions about males in the rugby league community, including – but not limited to: “The Rugby League bloke ‘Mafia'”, “the male bosses at Nine“, “core group of male league reporters“. These people want to protect Matthew Johns, and it’s being alluded to that is because they are all blokey blokey and Bec’s the disgusted woman in this. Indeed “female league fans” have been emailing her by the dozen. “Female league fans who have partners or children have every right to feel disgusted and disappointed” apparently. I have a news flash for you Bec, you are not the spokeswoman for female League fans, for all the “dozens” of emails that you got, I can tell you how many females I know that share your view, do you want to have a guess? I’ll give you a hint, it’s a number between -1 and 1. 

Indeed someone tried to tell Rebecca Wilson that they didn’t agree with her point of view. For the record, Wilson said in her “A culture of cringe” opinion piece that “I was even forced to hang up on one shameful female radio jock in Brisbane who continued to insist she could not see any wrongdoing in Johns’ behaviour and that I had a personal axe to grind. The rugby league culture is a sick bunny, indeed, when female football fans can find good in the poisonous

For people who don’t know that “shameful female radio jock” was Meshel Laurie on the Nova 106.9 breakfast show, and Laurie was trying to express a different point to what Wilson had peddled in her opinion pieces. The link is here, roughly 5 minutes in: http://podcast.nova1069.com.au/nova1069_podcasts_140509.mp3

What Laurie was saying, for the deaf and/or lazy, was that she took exception at the comment where Bec says how “most women” feel, as Laurie, quite rightly, doesn’t believe the same thing as Bec, nor does a lot of other people she knows. She believes, AS MOST PEOPLE DO, MALE AND FEMALE, that whilst it isn’t pleasant, What happened after that was a pure at of petulance, radio’s example of taking your bat and ball and running home to have a good old sook. “Why have you got me on?” was where the interview turned sour and she has claimed to have “500 emails in the past week ” (roughly 42 dozen for you playing at home) where “80% of the emails received have been against Matty Johns, male and female”. Because others have have differing opinions just as much as Bec has differing letters in her inbox,apparently the people on Twitter have less of a valid opinion than the people using email. I find that strikingly odd to allude to the fact that one form of Internet is more worthy than another. The  interview turned even more sour when Laurie made the assertion that she had a personal axe to grind against the Footy Show (which she does, everyone knows that), and she disputes that and says her axe to grind is with Rugby League culture (not AFL culture, where they also have massive women issues, not sport culture, RUGBY LEAGUE culture). The last sentences go as such: “And you know what? Next time don’t ring me if you want an opinion, if you want a genuine, proper, grounded and informed opinion. Goodbye.” And with that she spits the dummy in a major fashion and hangs up because she didn’t get the audience she wanted, she got an opinion that’s shared with the majority of people it would seem. For someone as grounded and informed as Rebecca Wilson she surely acts very precious when the people she’s preaching to aren’t converted.

Since Rebecca Wilson’s so fond of numbers, let’s work with some Facebook numbers. It may not be as reliable as panic emailing, but surely it has more of a finger on its pulse than Twitter? (This just in – the most informed opinion landed on Rebecca Wilson’s desk via carrier pigeon) Just browsing through the groups on Facebook, out of the first 100 groups shown searching for “Matthew Johns” this is what the stats were

14 groups were either not relevant or were “I DON’T CARE ABOUT MATTHEW JOHNS GROUPS”

25 were Anti-Matthew Johns, the largest group had 694 members.

A whopping 61 groups were pro-Matty Johns, the largest having a staggering 159,885 members (at the current time, it’s growing exponentially) Surely that’s some convincing argument about the public mood about the saga? Of course not. It wasn’t emailed to rwilson@dmgradio.com.au

Just for fun, I also checked groups with the name “Rebecca Wilson”. “We Hate Rebecca Wilson was the largest, most relevant group, with just over 1,000 members. Other group names include “Rebecca WILSON is a whingeing hack”, “Petition against Rebecca Wilson Publishing RUBBISH!!”, “I wont buy the Saturday Advertiser while Rebecca Wilson writes for them.” In other words, of all the relevant groups, not one is a pro-Wilson one. How’s that for the mood of the public?

Lastly, Wilson had a live blog on Friday about this scandal, where people could ask questions and she would respond live. But the catch is only to the questions that weren’t questioning her journalistic integrity and agendas. One that slipped through the net was a question from a “Matt of Sydney” which almost looks like a classic set up:

Im not going to pass judgement as to be honest I dont know what exactly transpired (The same goes goes for everyone outside of that room – ‘Hacks’ included). As police didnt charge him, we can only presume innocence from a legal perspective. Morally – Guilty as hell, and his poor wife is really paying the price for it (again).

In light of that I want to go briefly digress to a side topic: Given that he has been sacked/stood down, even though he has for not comitted a crime, Shouldn’t other Companies (in Particular Media) sack their staff if they commit a crime (ie not petty crime or traffic infringement etc)? Or is OK for them to turn a blind eye?”

To which Wilson replied:

I think if you commit a serious crime, you have to be sacked.”

Hang on, what serious crime did Matthew Johns commit? Adultery isn’t illegal here.

Of course the fact Wilson was convicted of driving whilst disqualified we’ll think of as a traffic infringement, even though she was placed on a good behaviour bond because of it, but surely being convicted of drink driving twice qualified as a serious crime? (I can’t find an active link to it, so I’ll link an old Phil Gould blog where he references it:http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/12/27/1072308726945.html?from=storyrhs) Now Drink Driving is a lot more dangerous than consensual group sex isn’t it? Rebecca Wilson could’ve KILLED someone with her reckless action, Matthew Johns could not have. He lost his job, she, unfortunately for the rest of us, keeps hers. Now I call on Rebecca Wilson, if you have any dignity, you must resign from all media positions, as you said yourself, if you commit a serious crime, you have to be sacked. You can claim you’re not an influential person, but you are, you’re trying to use your influence to speak for half the population of league followers, and you must think you’re more influential than you are because you get stroppy when people don’t see it your way. You think you can push an AFL agenda as a League writer, but everyone sees through it. But when most people come to criticise you, you play the gender card, instead of being constructive with it. Not everyone can be an inbred feral when they criticise you surely? I’ve just spent 2000 words doing it and haven’t swore once! (and people who know me will tell you that’s a record). You write AFL puff pieces and increasingly negative NRL pieces because you have an axe to grind with Rugby League, male media culture and the Footy Show. You claim to want to fix League, but the stories you write only try to hurt the game, by claiming the game is permanently losing fans, that’s not helping! You are a major media personality who has committed a dangerous crime that could’ve killed someone. If you think judging someones consensual group sex from 7 years ago should be enough to get Matthew Johns away from League, I think that DMG Radio and News Limited should use your logic to judge your own employment and sack you as well. Judging by the Internet, people will be more supportive of this move than any other job losses associated with the Matthew Johns scandal.

Any opinion piece I have given a title to can be found at www.dailytelegraph.com.au


The “Group Sex Scandal” – My Opinion

Any Australian that doesn’t live under a rock (let’s face it, it’s even making news where people claim they don’t give a flying fuck about Rugby League) would be aware of the 4 Corners story about the Cronulla Sharks group sex scandal of 2002, the subsequent naming, shaming, sacking, drawing, quartering and neutering of Matthew Johns, the naming (and then sniggering at) Brett Firman, and the outpouring of emotion towards the girl in question (“Clare”, might be a psuedonym, might have thrown quotation marks around her name to fuck everybody up). Everyone has an opinion on this, and hence forth, so must I:

When I first heard this break, I was naturally sceptical of the situtation and timing surrounding it; being the day before 2 big showpiece games of Rugby League (hey, I LOVE City v Country), and it has been known for League to go through some stress around its big showpiece events. Whether that’s an invention of the media or not it’s debatable, but it seemed a little too suspicious to be true, so I just forgot about it, and started waiting for Monday 9:30 for the fallout.

I didn’t watch the 4 Corners article as such (Good News Week was on. Stephen K. Amos motherfuckers!) but I made sure I caught up with the transcripts and the highlights. Indeed what was portrayed was harrowing stuff. This “Clare” was totally shattered, by what started with Matthew Johns and Brett Firman being invited up for sex, turned into a half hearted gang bang with a few boys whipping their cocks out for a flogging, God knows I don’t want to be watched having sex, and I’m a man. I must admit I was still sceptical at this time, as in why now, why 7 years later (the incident took place on 2002(as I said) in a Christchurch hotel)? What was the motivation? I mean, I wouldn’t put up with constant mental anguish for 7 years to time it to be leaked the day before the Test match. I’d be straight out there, the day after screaming the house down.

The Tuesday rolls around, and it’s 9/11 all over again. No it isn’t; this would probably knock 9/11 off the front page. Not so much in Sydney’s local subsitute for toilet paper the Daily Telegraph, where the story is mercifully off the front page, but at the back where self appointed moral crusader Rebecca Wilson lays into Matt Johns like he’s just shit in her glass of wine, demanding his resignation and daming rugby league’s culture. But enough about her (she gets her own blog tomorrow, and won’t that be FUN!), I’m still not on anyone’s side. I would never have group sex with anyone, and find the idea of fucking some chick while my mates wank off over it gross, the same as I would never get hard over my mate doing a girl, no matter how hot she is. To assume that right of entrance to an intimate situation because your friend/teammate has broken down the wall is just wrong. Then again, so’s throwing yourself at 2 footy players, ESPECIALLY if one of them is Brett Firman (who many people think was a joke player, but I rated him)

Wednesday rolls around, and Johns gets the sack.  My opinion is swaying towards him right now. I mean, the group sex was consentual, it was 7 years ago, it happened before the agreement with his current employers began, that’s very harsh to be sacked for something that happened before you started your working relationship. Although the dissenters in the crowd are still saying it’s a bad look for the game, Priestess Wilson has received DOZENS OF EMAILS from parents saying how they’ll NEVER LET THEIR CHILDREN WATCH LEAGUE AGAIN!!!! Now funny these hysterical people happen to email an equally hysterical tabloid journalist about this isn’t it? These people, if they’re willing to forgo an entire sport because of half a teams actions (a team where there’s only 3 players from that 2002 team still playing) despite there being over 300 first grade players playing every week in the NRL, they’re not real fans anyway are they? And neither’s Rebecca Wilson (BUT MORE ABOUT HER TOMORROW).

Thursday’s more of the same, needless front page news while the fallout of the Budget rolls on, I get the joke forwards sent through sms from my mates, got 3 different one’s one of them twice. Still not any sway towards any side. Until late Thursday afternoon, the big revelation: SHE BRAGGED ABOUT IT! Yes like the true soap opera this had become all and sundry was agape at the fact this sobbing wreck of a 26 year old was bragging to her workmates about bedding Cronulla players a good 5 days before she decided she may have been sexually assualted and went to the cops. Obviously her mental state has to be called in question (I mean, who brags about sleeping with Cronulla players?), and again her motivation needs to be called into question. Is it money? It can’t be surely, she went to the goddamn ABC for Christ sakes! Either way, her over the top wish to “destroy their lives’ seems to have come true with Matthew Johns career in tatters, and The Footy Show has to air without him tonight with utter windbag Phil Gould in his place. People expect a corpse of a show, myself included. How wrong we were, Gould moved us all by his emotion towards his mate and the game he loves, Paul Vautin was competent, and female token Jacquelin Magnay put forward her best performance.  I think I’m with Matthew Johns at this point in time, I mean, SHE BRAGGED ABOUT IT!

Friday and apparently the primary schools are threatening the players that they won’t be able to come out and do meet and greets. I’m sure AFL players will be able to do their Auskick shit even though that code’s track record. Oh wait, it never gets publicised. Anyway, after I stopped simmering about that I hear Luke Branighan wanted to sex her up but got knocked back. Maybe this girl is sane after all (never heard of Luke Branighan? Don’t worry, his parents stuggle to admit to him too). But wait, apparently she’s on compo from the NZ Govt? What the fuck for? A consentual night of sex? From what I reas of the compensation conditions, it seems the closest one she fits is “mental injury caused by certain criminal acts (sexual abuse or criminal injury)” Again I ask, where are the crminal acts? No one was charged, and if there was sexual abuse someone would’ve been charged, she was bragging about it the next day. Not only that it has been alleged this “Clare” (need I remind you the quotation marks could be just a mind fuck) also fucked two Rugby Union players in a toilet! If they were league players Rebecca Wilson would be straight onto her colums bagging out Rugby League culture (BUT MORE ON HER TOMORROW).

Now it comes to 5 past 12 on Saturday morning. I think I’m leaning towards Matthew Johns here. He may have cheated on his wife, fucked a mentalist, only came clean when he absolutely had to, but his story has not changed from the moment he opened his mouth. “Clare” ‘s has. And as my girlfriend said, it doesn’t take you 5 days to know you’ve been raped.

Stay tuned for the Rebecca Wilson thing! Sometime Saturday.


Back to the weight loss

Alright I’m back. Not that I really went anywhere, but I had a week or so off the Internet due to a faulty connection (a connection that was faulty due to my own faulty not-paying-the-billness), and here I am, 9 days late, with my 2nd weight loss update.

Not that it was a bad thing that I didn’t give you last weeks update, as I let everyone down and put on half a kilo that week. Probably due to eating lots of chocolate and drinking myself unconscious on the Easter weekend, but I atoned for that effort for losing 1.2 kilos to now put myself at 139.3 kilos! Hooray, let’s do a victory jig or some shit.

No let’s not, because my work is far from complete, there’s still a long way to go before I can fit into that pink dress I wore to my Year 12 formal fit into that Leeds jersey me mum bought me from Engerland, maybe another 15 kilos for that to happen? That will most certainly happen. It’s not hanging on my wall as some sort of inspiration, but I know it’s there.

Another goal is to hopefully get to 130kgs before I get to see my delightful girlfriend for the Queens Birthday weekend. I would like to be fitter to more enjoy myself with her while we’re together (not to mention the improved rooting I’ll be putting in – it’s not one of my blogs if I’m not one vulgar fucker). No If i can lose 9.3kgs in 6 weeks that’d be nice.

My GymCRAZIUM (ie the room downstairs) is also getting more and more equipment in it, there’s now a sit up bench to go with the treadmill and cross trainer. Fucked if I can use the fucking thing properly, but there’s a manual next to it luckily. And I get to live out all my Aerobics Oz Style dreams cause there’s one of those step things in the room now. Yes no longer do I need to outside to step up onto a step as theres now a plastic one indoors! What an age we live in.

Next Tuesday we’ll be back to regular updates on the mission to become skinnier than I am right now, unless the computer blows up or some shit. But it won’t, because it’s a fine machine.


It’s time to go…Cronulla!

I was watching with great interest the Cronulla v Canberra NRL game tonight, which Canberra easily won 24-14. That was to be expected, Cronulla are a pack of flailing imbeciles who should be taken out the back and fucking shot. What was unexpected was the pathetic level of attendance at Toyota Park: 8,561. This is simply not up to NRL standards, and this piece of shit club should be kicked out , or at least relocated somewhere else.

We all know what Cronulla people like doing, don’t we? They like drinking themselves to oblivion, rooting whatever fuckwit is in 100 yards of them, bashing anyone who isn’t of the Aryan race. Alas, going to football matches and cheering on a boring, hopeless footy team isn’t on the agenda. Maybe bashing Mussies takes up too much free time, but enough is enough. The way things are headed, the Cronulla Sharks will go broke this year. Time to bite the bullet and fuck em off….to Adelaide.

I know. I have a few Adelaidean readers who would want to slice my throat open at that news (it’s okay, I don’t mind it a litle rough), but there’s no other option. A bad Adelaide crowd, which normally involves minimal promotion of the bloody game, usually comes close to a bad Cronulla crowd with ample promotion. The Adelaide Sharks would at least guarantee 10000 every game, considering theres a large segment of Adelaide’s population who could not give a flying fuck about AF fucking L.

I, however, would do things slightly differently. I would try to get a 20000 seat stadium built in Adelaide’s Southern Suburbs and base the team there. The AFL teams in Adelaide play all the way up in West Lakes, thats a fucking mile away from the South! And everyone knows Adelaideans are fiercely loyal to the city and state, so they’ll support anything representing them.

So that’s part of my grand plan for Rugby League, teams in Central Coast and Perth, and ship those hopeless pieces of shit Cronulla to Adelaide.

I’ll write about other stuff soon, promise!


The AFL & the mass media love-in

You’ve heard it quite a bit lately in the media, “NRL IN CRISIS”, words along those lines. It’s amazing how the NRL can stumble from one drunken escapade to another isn’t it. These badly-behaved degenerates are killing the game! There is a culture in Rugby League that needs to be sorely addressed before one of these fuckwits murders one of the poor girls they’re trying to rape!!!

Of course it’s only Rugby League players that muck up as such. Au contrare, motherfucker. What about the case of Albert Proud? “Who?” probably all of you are saying, “what has he done?” Well my fellow readers, he did this (from goldcoast.com.au):

BRISBANE Lions player Albert Proud hung his head as a Gold Coast court was told how a night of drinking in Surfers Paradise ended in bloodshed.

The AFL professional faced the Southport Magistrates Court yesterday, charged with assault causing bodily harm after allegedly throwing a glass at a woman’s face on January 31.

The court was told the 23-year-old woman from northern New South Wales suffered a laceration on her eyelid requiring four stitches.

Police prosecutor Rosanna Doolan told the court the woman was at Cocktails and Dreams Nightclub on Orchid Avenue on the Saturday night. About 1am Mr Proud poured a drink on her friend.

In her statement to police, read to the court, the woman said she went to confront him and was 2m away when she saw him raise his right hand which held a glass.

She told police she felt a ‘hot, sharp pain’ in her left eye and her vision became blurry.

She was taken to hospital with a 5cm cut on her eyelid and a lump over her eye.

Defence lawyer Simon Francis Miotti said Mr Proud’s recollection was not clear that night as he had been drinking alcohol since 6.30pm.

But he said the woman confronted his client by trying to throw liquid from her glass over him.

Mr Miotti said Mr Proud attempted to block her and that was where the sequence of events became confused.

Mr Miotti said the woman had not seen if it was Mr Proud’s glass that hit her in the face. If it was a glass, it was unclear whether Mr Proud had knocked her glass out of her hand and into her face or if he had thrown his own glass at her, he said.

He denied Mr Proud had deliberately smashed a glass into her face.

“(Her injury) was bad but it’s not a gashing wound that would have come from hard glass penetration,” he said.

“If a glass slipped from his hand or her hand then that is more consistent with a shallow cut to the eye.”

Mr Miotti told the court the exact sequence of events might never become clear as no video surveillance footage was available from the club.

Magistrate Brian Kilmartin said too many key facts were in dispute and ordered an adjournment until April 14.


“There is an enormous difference between losing grip on a glass or deliberately smashing it into someone’s face and the penalties are oceans apart,” he said.

Thats right, he glassed someone. Funny how you never heard it huh?  Not only that he was suspended by his club, but it was then lifted so he could play for them in their trial matches. Weak as piss isn’t it?

People might say it’s because he’s from AFL that’s why he didn’t make news in Sydney, well he didn’t make news in Brisbane neither (on Page 26 of the Courier-Mail to be precise), and thats where he plays! “Hang on”, those same people say, “he’s only played 9 games at the highest level”, well Jake Friend from the Sydney Roosters NRL team has only played 6 First Grade games before he got splashed all over the back page of the Daily Telegraph for drink driving (which last time I checked, didn’t end up with a glass in a girls face). Something strike you about the inequality about coverage there?

Well of course it would, when you signed guarantees with News Limited and ACP to guarantee you good stories in the paper about AFL! To quote this article(http://www.smh.com.au/news/football/we-are-not-out-to-gag-sbs-says-football-chief/2005/11/08/1131407636275.html)

“As part of the previous deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Ltd and Kerry Packer’s Nine Network, the AFL secured guarantees about editorial coverage. News undertook to provide marketing and support in its newspapers and Nine agreed that ACP, Mr Packer’s magazine publisher, would generally support the AFL and run a minimum of four stories a year to promote its growth and development.”

This agreement may be a few years old now, but is it still valid? Is this why Rebecca fucking Wilson steadfastly refuses to have a decent swipe at the AFL? Is this why we in Sydney got a stupid goddamn season guide about the AFL, yet no NRL season guide? Is this why, despite 4 major incidents happening in the AFL in the last week, that it hardly makes any news outside the area which it happens, yet the NRL news makes national news? I’ll list the 4 major incidents of the last week that you may not know:

Collingwood player Ryan Cook decks some cunt at a servo in Sale(http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/stor…17-949,00.html

Three Collingwood fans bash Melbourne player Nathan Jones’  father senseless (http://www.foxsports.com.au/story/0,…-23211,00.html)

The coolest ever AFL player (he ain’t beating a big field there) Spida Everitt reveals the massive drug culture in the AFL (http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/sto…-24218,00.html)

Adelaide player Nathan Bock charged with assualting his girlfriend (http://news.brisbanetimes.com.au/bre…0405-9t5y.html)

Apart from Bock, none of these made any real headway in the media. You know the big AFL crisis at the moment? Some North Melbourne fuckwits parading around town with a rubber fucking chicken (http://www.theage.com.au/news/rfnews…869972286.html

That was the 4th lead-in story when I watched the 4:30 news today; not the drug taking, the wife bashing, the chicken skylarking. They’re distracting people from the real issues! The fact of the matter is the AFL has as bad a culture problem as the NRL, but the fact is the AFL has its hand in so many pockets as to guarantee postive publicity and brush aside any bad stories, while News Limited ( WHO HALF OWNS THE NRL BY THE WAY!) continue to blow stories way out of proportion. It’s a fucking disgrace.

As final proof that I’m not just talking a load of shite, I present an unprovoked review in the TV guide (writer Jackie Tracy) of Adelaide newspaper the Sunday Mail (News Limited owned by the way) this week:


NRL Knights Vs Sea Eagles
Sunday midnight Ch 9

When is Rugby League going to simply admit defeat? If the drunken antics of it’s thick necked heroes don’t sink it, then the fact that it is about as exciting to watch as repeats of Antiques Roadshow surely will.
In this age of AFL, A-League and international rugby union, the NRL is looking increasingly irrelevant.
Tackle your flatmate and reclaim the remote if you fing your TV tuned to this sorry excuse for a sport.

Sunday Mail TV guide 5/4/2009”

The inequality must end.


New blog, same old shit (something about losing weight)

So I decided, due to my constant pressing boredom, that I try to resurrect that thing I do where I write things on things, but on something that isn’t MySpace. Henceforth, here we all are! I hope you’re not expecting something new, if so, you’re sorely disappointed; the same old whinging at shit, thinly veiled insults and occasional bursts of inspriration (though not from my hands). Even so, I hope you’re as bored as I am and am willing to read my drivel.

I decided if I was going to go back to writing, I’d go back to writing something I had written about a lot: losing weight. “Hang on”, you might be thinking, “you’ve done this heaps, and you fail every time you lazy piece of shit! What good are you? Fuck off!” First of all, I have to say ouch, you know how to hit my sensitive spots (no not that sensitive spot), secondly I’ve made sure I was already on my way before I started writing about it this time. So nyer!

When I started this lateat diet, I was roughly 150kgs give or take a few hundred grams, now I’m 140kgs (exactly I might add, 140.0 according to the whizz-bang set of scales downstairs (not WiiFit)), so I’m confident enough to write about it and am confident of being able to continue it until I reach my goal of not being a hideous fat bastard.  How am I gonna achieve this? Here’s my pretty simplistic plan:

WEEKLY GOAL: TO LOSE WEIGHT:  I know, what a useless goal. It has its merits, I don’t have to worry about losing 200 grams to get to my ideal weight loss range for the week, if I lose something it’s always a step closer towards my goal of not being a hideous fat bastard. Of course, losing 100 grams in a week is not the aim, but if it’s something off my weight it’s a victory.

EXERCISE GOAL: 3O MINUTES A DAY: Ain’t much but it’s working for me at the moment! I know we have those stupid ads in Australia that encourage us to “find thirty” (thanks a fucking lot Perth you waste of space), but it’s not walking I find 30 of, it’s work on the cross trainer, situps, medicine ball shit, shit ups, occasional skipping,  easy stuff for now. I try, whenever I’m at my workplace and not on the road, to have a quick hit of factoryplace cricket during my lunch break, that seems to get me very drenched in sweat chasing the ball around the park because I can’t bowl to save my life. I would also like to play tennis on the weekends, thats currently being attempted to get off the ground.

DRINKS: NO SOFT DRINK YOU IDIOT! That’s right, 2 and a bit weeks without a soft drink so far and it’s scary There’s periods where you get so in the mood for a coke you don’t think you can shake it. The fact that I have done so far gives me immense pride. Alcohol however I’m letting myself drink, low carb beers only though! So, as a consequence, Hahn Super Dry is the greatest beer ever.

FOOD: NO SHIT, IDIOT! I used to be a sucker for buying chocolate every time I went out for work, buying kebabs without purpose, KFC for 3 different meals, those days had to end and they have. I allow myself a little flexibility for the nights I have trivia, but as a whole I’ve been able to keep away from buying snacks from the servo (although I didn’t say no to some Easter eggs at Micks house!)

I think that’s as far as my exercise/diet goes. If you see me breaking this shit, kick me in the nuts, generally make my life unpleasant until I stop doing it. I’m already 10 kilos down in my journey, I’m sure I can go further.

Oh yeah, I’ll be writing other, more interesting shit here too, the weight loss updates will be every Tuesday.

March 2020